Board Elections Announcement

Our Board is sad to say goodbye to members Kate Riddell and Amber Proudfoot who have worked for 6 and 3 years respectively as elected parent representatives on our Board. Amber and Kate have dedicated a huge amount of their time and energy to St Anthony’s as board members and we will miss their expertise and passion for our students’ education and wellbeing. We are very fortunate that Amber is going to continue providing her time and expertise to seek out grants for the school. And St Mary’s school is very fortunate that they got to snap up Kate as a board member for their school (where Kate’s daughter is a student).

The great news is that we are very lucky to welcome Miriama Williams to the Board as an elected parent representative. Miriama brings a wealth of expertise including board of trustee’s experience from St Catherine’s school in Kilbirnie. We also welcome back elected parent representatives Andrew Pink, Emma Blades, and George Bouras. Our proprietor’s representatives remain David Sullivan, Anne Dowden, and Mark Mulhern, as well as Helen Revill our Staff Representative. You can read more about our board members here

One of the main roles of Boards of Trustees is to support our staff to set and reach student achievement targets each year. In order to determine the targets for the year, our staff start with the curriculum level our students are currently performing at and then through a targeted approach determine an achievable (but stretch) curriculum level for them to reach by the end of the school year. The Board have agreed with the recommendation from staff of a stretch target of 88% of students to be at or above the expected curriculum level in reading, writing and maths by the end of this school year. The staff have carefully designed a programme of initiatives to enable our students to reach this target. These initiatives include targeted use of teacher aide time, carefully selected learning resources, and continuing to strengthen our home/school partnerships (for example encouraging families to read with their children to develop a sense of pleasure of reading together).