Parent Recommendations

Our son started at St Anthony’s in Year 7. We chose St Anthony’s as we felt that our son would benefit from another two years of a smaller and more inclusive school, prior to starting college. We were impressed not only with the curriculum and leadership opportunities offered but the overall ‘family and community feel’ of the school. On top of that we could clearly see from that first visit that the children in classes were engaged, happy and achieving well with teachers who were equally engaged, professional and preparing the children for college in the best way possible - managing self, developing independence, instilling a thirst for learning, research and investigation. This is all preparing them for what lies ahead in their college years.

Our son took a few weeks to settle into the new environment and was supported beautifully throughout by the amazing Jen (Principal) and equally brilliant Denise and Helen (teachers of Tui Class). They have gone above and beyond to ensure he feels settled and welcomed and he is going from strength to strength. He is happy, excited about learning, achieving beyond his years and is enjoying every second of school with great friends and an outstanding teaching team.
He has opportunities for sport, technology, library visits, music and leadership which he is very excited about. We feel he has more available to him than if he had gone to a large intermediate and we feel St Anthony’s is preparing him in the best way possible for his college years.

Our son received a non-preference place at St Anthony’s. The school ensured that he felt comfortable with the religious aspects of learning and encouraged him to explore his beliefs. This was not necessarily religion and we are hugely impressed that the teachers have given him the opportunity to talk about what’s important to him without judgement. The school enforces vital life principles, morals and values which will be invaluable as our children grow. There is a strong sense of self-awareness, respect, kindness, care and thought for others. The school also link religion to world issues and problems helping the children to understand what’s happening around them both in New Zealand and worldwide which we and our son have found just amazing.

We have been welcomed as a family by both the staff and the community and are more than happy we chose St Anthony’s for intermediate. Our son is thriving and for that we are so very thankful to all of those involved in his learning and growth at St Anthony’s.
— Emma and Jon Williams