The St Anthony's Board of Trustees has set the strategic direction for 2019-2021.

The Board and Staff have confirmed the Charter, Strategic and 2019 Annual Plan. It is the document that sets out our intended priorities to continue to make St Anthony's the best school it can be and it also outlines the philosophy and values that drive those priorities.

Our Three Year Strategic Plan

This three-year overview sets strategic goals and broadly identifies how in each year we will move towards meeting those goals.

There is a purposeful “pipeline” of initiatives at different stages across these three years: (a) Development stage (ie identification and specification of new initiatives); (b) Implementation stage; (c) Consolidation stage; (d) Evaluation and modification as necessary stage. At any one time we want a range of initiatives at these different stages to ensure a steady state of continuous improvement at St Anthony’s – whether that be through developing or implementing new and innovative initiatives, or reinforcing or reworking existing initiatives.

Goal 1 - Our Staff, Students and Board, as part of our Parish Community, live out the Gospel values in their day-to-day lives.   

Our special character is reflected in practical, tangible and measurable ways by everyone involved in the daily operation and/or governance of St Anthony’s. We also know that a team that works together easily, effectively and happily gets the best results for our students as well as best reflects our special character.

Goal 2 - All students, including those with special education needs, will make progress in their learning and achievement. There will be a particular focus on achievement in the curriculum areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

All St Anthony’s students will thrive, develop relevant skills and experience joy in their achievement(s), whatever their level may be. Our full curriculum will be clear, specific and applied in a way that meets individual needs to the greatest extent possible.

Goal 3 - St Anthony's develops confident, connected, active learners

All parts of our environment (physical, technical, extra-curricular) will work together to deliver learners who are confident, connected and active.