"School life at St Anthony's can get busy! Whether it is Eastern Zones competitions, Spanish lessons, music concerts or environmental club, the best thing is that I always know my good friends are around me and my teachers want the best for me."  Year 6 Student



Years 1/2 - Kiwi Class - Miss Lucy Williams   

Years 2/3 - Hoiho Class - Ms Jeannine Winton

Years 3/4 - Takahe Class - Mr Ronan Kelly



Years 5/6 - Kea Class - Miss Francesca von Lanthen

Years 7/8 - Tui Class - Mrs Helen Revill (Monday-Tuesday) and Mrs Denise Johnson (Wednesday-Friday)


Mandarin Languages Assistant - Jian Xiaoli

Reading Recovery - Ms Angela Clark

Teacher Aide & Librarian - Mrs Kirsten Bouras

Release teachers: Mrs Denise Whiteley and Mrs Maureen Folan

School Hours

School begins at 8.45am and finishes at 2.55pm. We encourage all children to be at school by 8.30am so that they have time to settle and get organised for the day.



A small amount of uniform is kept in stock. Uniform is supplied by Moana Clothing and all orders are made through the school. Queries and orders should be made to: Yvonne Small – office@stants.school.nz

All Students

Navy blue polar fleece with school emblem

Navy blue sun hat (compulsory in Terms 1 and 4)

Socks - Navy knee-high socks, navy or white ankle socks (no low-cut socks)

Tights - plain navy or black

Years 0-6

Red polo shirt with school emblem combined with either: Navy elastic-waist shorts; Navy trousers; Navy skorts

Navy/maroon summer dress (Terms 1 and 4)

Navy/maroon tartan tunic with white polo shirt (Terms 2 and 3)

Years 7-8

Red polo shirt with school emblem combined with either: Navy side-strap shorts; Navy trousers; Navy skorts

Navy/maroon tartan skirt with white blouse

Sports Uniform

School PE sports shirt with school emblem

School PE black shorts

Navy track pants (optional)

Black/navy/white socks


  • Students must wear full school uniform. It should be clean, tidy and in a good state of repair.

  • Anyone not wearing correct uniform will not be permitted to participate in school outings.

  • Please name all items.

  • Any clothing under shirts must not be showing.

  • Black bike shorts are permitted under dresses or tunics but should not be seen.


  • Must be plain black, no canvas or fashion shoes – soles must be black.

  • Plain black sandals and plain black leather trainers are permitted.

  • Sports shoes may be worn at break times in the school grounds but uniform shoes are to be worn to and from school.


  • A school sun hat must be worn outside during Term 1 and Term 4.

  • We encourage children to wear their sun hats during the other terms when we have warm days.


  • Long hair is to be tied back in a tidy manner.

  • Hair ties and accessories must match uniform, i.e. navy, black or the school tartan. No fancy hair ties.


  • Earrings should be small round studs or sleepers that are gold or silver.

  • Religious or cultural necklaces must be worn out of sight.


Parents/caregivers are expected to notify the school by telephone by 8.50am if their child will be absent due to illness. Parents/caregivers of students who are absent without explanation will be contacted by the school by 9.30am. When a parent/caregiver knows that their child will be absent they must give the school prior written notice of the upcoming absence.


School assemblies are held 3 or 4 times a term, usually on Fridays at 2.15pm in the Church. This is an opportunity to share what goes on in the individual classes. Children share their achievements and there is a presentation of awards. All parents, family and friends are welcome. Syndicate assemblies are held fortnightly during class time. This is an opportunity for notices to be shared, certificates given out by teachers and syndicate singing.

Communication streams

School Newsletters – A newsletter is emailed via Signmee every other Thursday. All events and news are communicated through the newsletter. Please make sure you make time to read the newsletter as it often contains important information. Teachers also write a class newsletter which is sent to parents via LINC-ED at the start of each term.

Reporting to Parents – Children are treated as individuals and are carefully monitored during their time at St Anthony’s School. At various times during the year, parent information sessions, parent/student/teacher (3-Way) conferences and Student Led Conferences will be held.

With the introduction of LINC-ED as our new Student Management System for 2018, progressions reporting has been introduced for all students. Parents and students can view the goals for each curriculum level and the next learning stepsStudent progress comments are published at the end of each term for the core curriculum areas of Literacy and Mathematics. Over the year additional comments will be made available for other curriculum areas. 

E-portfolios of learning – E-portfolios are used across the school for students to showcase their learning. Years 1-4 use Seesaw. Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom. Each student also has their own journal, and will add things to it such as photos, videos, drawings or notes for their parents to comment on. Years 5-8 have personal e-portfolios on LINC-ED. They use this site to showcase and track their learning journey, as well as reflect on their progress and next steps. Parents and teachers add feedback and feedforward.

Conferences – All students are involved in goal setting 3-Way Conferences with their parents and teachers in Terms 1 and 3 as well as Student Led Conferences in Term 4. A Student Led Conference is a meeting run by the student for his or her parents, entirely focused on the student's recent learning. During the conference the student presents work in different curriculum areas, discussing the process of learning and the progress made to date.

Parents are also welcome to contact their class teacher at any time during the school year by making an appointment with their child’s teacher or through the office.

Drama & Music Tuition

Drama lessons are available Wednesdays at lunchtime. Please contact Becca Gates at kids4dramawellington@gmail.com

Guitar, piano and drums lessons are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours. Please contact Simon Manning-Jones at simonjonesmusiclessons@gmail.com

House System

St Anthony's School runs a House system. The five Houses are named after Sisters of Mercy who taught in the school over five decades. All students are placed in one of our five Houses upon starting at St Anthony’s. Family members are kept in the same house. Houses foster pride, teamwork, cooperation and, for our Year 8 students who are the House Leaders, develop their leadership skills.

Our five Houses and 2019 House Leaders are:   

Eymard House (red) – Lauren St Just

Ligouri House (yellow) – Petra Tritsarolis

McAuley House (green) – Oliver Williams

Theodore House (purple) – Daniella Zadimas

Veronica House (blue) – Emilio Bell (Feb-Sept) Wilkie Proudfoot (Sept-Dec)

For further information about who the Houses are named after, please see the section 'Who We Are'.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.01.49 AM.png

Lunch time

Lunch time is 12.30pm to 1.25pm. In the interests of healthy eating and playground safety, we do not allow canned drinks, lollies or chewing gum at school. These will be confiscated and returned to children at 2.55pm. We encourage healthy lunches.

School lunches can be purchased most Fridays. The newsletter will tell you when and what is available. Orders are placed in classroom order bags first thing in the morning. School lunches are run by FOSA and require parent volunteers for it to run successfully. 

The Term 3 2019 lunch order form can be downloaded from here.

Money Sent to School

All money sent to school should be in an envelope with the child's name clearly marked, and what the money is for. All money and notices should be posted in the notice box outside the office in the morning. We encourage you not to allow children to bring other money for spending after school. If necessary, it can be handed into the office for safekeeping.

Mufti Day

A mufti day is usually held for the children on the last day of each term. They bring a gold coin donation from their pocket money for the Missions or another selected charity. At times there will be other mufti days or fundraising activities that will be notified prior. 

Physical Education

P.E. is taken regularly and children are expected to participate unless we are specifically asked by parents to exclude them on medical grounds. Such a request should be from a parent or caregiver and in writing.

There is a sports uniform for students to purchase and wear during P.E. lessons and sports. Our Year 4-8 students also have opportunities during the year to represent our school at the Eastern Zone sport competitions where they compete against other schools and they are required to wear this uniform.

We have school sports teams for netball, miniball and floorball. Students play against other schools in the Eastern Suburbs after school or on the weekends.

Scholastic Book Club

St Anthony's School is part of the Lucky Bookclub programme run by Scholastic. Throughout the year, brochures are sent home and parents have the opportunity to purchase books for their children at a reasonable cost. Ordering and payment is done online with Scholastic, and the books are delivered free of charge via the school.  A bonus of Lucky Bookclub is that Scholastic gives the school 20% of parent sales in rewards vouchers. St Anthony's uses these rewards to buy new books for the school library.

Online Ordering Instructions

Parents/Caregivers order and pay for Book Club books online directly with Scholastic’s Linked Online Ordering and Payment for Parents (LOOP).  Please note - we only use online ordering now (therefore you do not complete a paper form).

*  Go online to mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz

* The very first time, you will need to register, and get your child/children entered (children’s first name & first initial of surname e.g. John S). All children can go on the same account, and the account is password protected. 

Search by School, not postcode, and type St Anthonys without an apostrophe, select St Anthonys (Wellington). Assign your child’s class (not year).

* Place your Book Club order and pay directly online. All orders made before the closing date will be sent to the school together free of charge.

*  Online orders can still be made after the closing date, however, the books will be delivered to your home address at a charge.


St Anthony’s School became part of the Genesis Energy “Schoolgen” initiative in June 2015 when we were fortunate enough to receive our very own solar panels.

School Mass

Whole school and individual class Masses and Liturgies are held at various times throughout the year. Each Wednesday one class will attend the 9am Mass and we welcome you all to join us. We see these celebrations as an important part of the "special character" of this school and parents are encouraged to attend. You will be notified of these in the calendar section of the newsletter. Formal school uniform must be worn.