We encourage you to enrol your children as early as possible to ensure the best chance of attending St Anthony's School. You can download the forms and documents below or request an enrolment pack from the school by phone (04) 380 6971 or email office@stants.school.nz

Enrolment forms & documents

Baptism Certificate, Birth Certificate and completed Immunisation Certificates should accompany the application for enrolment.

If you would like to visit the school, please call or email the school office to make an appointment. It will also be possible to have a personal tour of the school at this time.

Transition to School

Parents will be contacted by our Office Manager, Yvonne Small at least four weeks prior to their child starting school. Up to three visits will be scheduled, at times that suit both parents and the teacher. Ideally, the first visit will take place in the morning (8.45am to 1pm) and the second visit a full day (8.45am to 2.55pm) so the child can see how the classroom programme works as well as school routines.

A Transition Morning is held in Term 4 for all exisiting and newly accepted students. This gives both parents and students an opportunity to meet with teachers and familiarise themselves with the school and their new class.

Helping Your Child Start School at Five

(Please note: these are suggestions only)

It would be helpful if your child:

  • Knows his/her full name

  • Puts things away after finishing with them

  • Takes off coats / jackets / polar fleeces without help

  • Takes shoes off and puts them on unaided

  • Knows how to wash and dry hands, and remembers to flush the toilet

  • Knows how to hold scissors and use them

  • Knows the basic colours

  • Knows how to sit and listen to a story

  • Knows how to make the sign of the cross

  • Knows how to behave in Church

  • Recognises his/her belongings

  • Can recognise own name

  • Can write own name

  • Recognises and can name letters of the alphabet

  • Is able to dress/undress unassisted (necessary for swimming)

Please ensure your child has all clothing named, including hats, shoes, socks and sandals.

School Donations

As a decile 8 school, we receive less funding from the Ministry of Education per child than lower decile schools receive. As a result, we need to find other ways to fund all the programmes that we want to run for our children. That is why it is so important that we ask for a school voluntary contribution from our parent community.

Our children and school benefit greatly from the voluntary contribution donated by families. We are able to offer a number of extra activities and programmes to complement our curriculum from the donations received.  For example, your voluntary contribution is used for in-class resources for literacy and numeracy, arts and culture experiences and resources, and additional professional development for our teachers to keep them up with best practice teaching.

Throughout the year, FOSA (Friends of St Anthony’s) do a significant amount of fundraising to assist the school with purchasing items that provide the children with extra resources. For example, in 2018, FOSA will kindly contribute funds for our new Astroturf playground. However, if we relied only on our fundraising to cover providing extra class resources and staff professional development, we would then have to cut back on the improvements we have recently used our fundraising for. In other words, we very much rely on the voluntary school donation and we are very grateful to those who are able to pay this contribution. 


      General School Donation for 2019 – $215 per student

  • Note: School donations qualify for a tax rebate. We have created an informative PowerPoint that you can download here.

    The 2019 General School donations will be used for:

    *  ICT classroom equipment

    *  Teacher Aide support / part-time Librarian

    *  New adaptive furniture that supports a vibrant and flexible learning environment

    *  Resources to support the Health and Physical Education programme, literacy and numeracy

    Specific Donations

  • We are committed to providing excellent educational opportunities for our students. Below is the cost of these activities. Payment for these is very much appreciated as it enables us to provide rich learning opportunities for our students.

          *  Class trips & activities:                                                                                     $40.00 ($10.00 per term)

          *  Swimming (Term 3 - all year levels)                                                                  $50.00

          *  EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom – Yr 7 & 8)                                       $80.00

          *  Technology (Yr 7 & 8)                                                                                        $100.00



         Mathletics and Reading Eggs – OPTIONAL                                                        $40.00                                                             (online tool to support Mathematics and Literacy learning at school or home)           


      Payment Options

We very much appreciate your contribution to the school donations. There are several ways that you can pay:

  • Direct debit Please see Yvonne in the office if you would like to know the amount to paid weekly/ fortnightly/monthly/termly for your child’s/children’s year group.

  • Automatic payment For your convenience, an automatic payment form is available in the office. If you would like to pay this way, please complete the form and send it to your bank.

  • Internet banking Please transfer funds to bank account: 12-3140-0322099-00, with your child’s family name as reference.

  • Cash or cheque Please make cheques payable to “St Anthony’s School Seatoun” and hand to a member staff in the office.


Attendance Dues are charged by and paid to the Catholic Education Management Board (CEMB). The total of $510.00 per year may be paid in full by 31 March or in instalments throughout the year. On enrolment, a signed commitment for payment of these fees is requested.