Notice of Board resolution to vary the number of parent representatives on the Board

The Board of St Anthony's gives notice that on the 30 November at their 7pm Board Meeting to be held in the school staff room, that a resolution to alter the St Anthony's constitution by reducing the number of elected parent representatives from 7-5 will be discussed, in accordance with Section 94B (4) of the Education Act 1989.  This resolution will amend an existing technical anomaly whereby our current constitution does not adequately reflect the requirements of Section 94A nor Section 100 of the Education Act 1989. Please be assured that no existing Board Trustee will lose their position as a result of this amendment, due to existing resignations giving effect to the required number.

As you are aware, all Board meetings are open to the public and a full schedule of those meetings is available in advance (giving at least a Term's notice), in the parent calendar accessed via our website and also linked to our fortnightly newsletter. In addition, Board agendas and minutes of all Board meetings are published. This final meeting of 2017 is no exception.