What is ERO - and why should I care?
• In March 2017, St Anthony’s School was reviewed by the Education Review Office, ERO (Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga).
• All schools and early learning services go through this review process on a cycle set by ERO (depending on how the school is doing). 
• The purpose of the review is for ERO to look at how a school reaches positive learning outcomes - knowledge, skills, attitude and habits - for all children and young people. 
• They’re interested in what’s working well and where improvements can be made. 

How did we do? Outstanding! ERO found that we are: 
• Providing a high standard of education for our children. 
• The school leadership is spot on target and right up with modern learning practices. 
• Our students are at the centre of all that we do – their views are regularly sought and they are helped to own their own learning. 

 What does this mean for our children? 
• Students achieve well at St Anthony’s – most are achieving above or at standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. 
• Students identified as not succeeding are known and strongly supported to achieve, with evidence of accelerated progress for students at risk of underachievement. 
• Our children are in a welcoming and settled environment, where respect is shown to all. 

 Who got us there? 
• This excellent result was down to a lot of hard work from a range of staff and Board members, with especially long hours and extra work put in by: 
o Jennifer and Denise
o Annette (Chair), Andrew (Deputy) and Anne from the School Board
• Whānau also get a mention! ERO commented on the strong relationship evident between the school, the student, and the family and whānau. 

What do the Staff and Board think? 
• Glad you asked! We’re extremely proud of the report, as we hope the whole of the St Anthony’s community will be. 
• This report is a really big deal. It confirms that St Anthony's is a special place to be part of, with a lot of positive forward momentum, and with our primary commitment to our children being recognised as central and effective. 

Where can I get more details? 
• Find out more about the high standards offered at St Anthony’s and where we are heading next in the full report which is attached here.
• Please do give it a read – it’s only a few pages long. 
• Feel free to pass the report link on to any other families you know who are considering St Anthony’s for their children. 

When can I look forward to the next one?
• As we did so well, we achieved the 3 year maximum review period for a school of our size. ERO will visit our school again in 2020. 

• This is a real mark of confidence in our direction, management and leadership.