We are delighted to be able to share with the community our school's recent Catholic Character Review (May 2018). 

You can read the full report and its recommendations in the full document attached below. For those who don’t have time to read the full report, below are some of the highlights quoted directly from the report, broken down into the four key areas that we were reviewed on. Please note that in the report some of the findings cut across more than one area.

The Board and Staff are delighted with the findings of the review - it is another extremely positive reinforcement of the direction of St Anthony's. The Board would also like to thank all staff, students and members of the community for the time and effort they put into meeting with the reviewers. Particular thanks also go to Jennifer and Denise for their background preparation. 

We are now all looking forward to implementing the next steps and recommendations set out by the Catholic Character Review team together. These recommendations are fully supported by us all as the best way to continue to develop St Anthony's as a school where all our students thrive in a Catholic environment. 

Encounter with Christ - The Tūtaki ki ā Te Karaiti

·       Varied and rich prayer is an integral part of the daily routine of school life. The annual Rosary was of particular note.

·       The concept of being R.E.A.L is strong (Respectful, Excelling, Aware and Learners). The school Charter relates these values to Gospel values.

·       There is a regular programme of liturgies, celebratory occasions and Masses and students have the opportunity to develop these liturgies or to have some leadership roles in them. Parents and whanau are always invited to attend.

·       Mutual respect is shown amongst all members of staff.

Growth in Knowledge – Te Whakatupu mā Te Matauranga

·       Student voice is evident across the school. Students feel that their opinion is valued and they have a sense of ownership, pride in and love for their school.

·       Students observed in RE were engaged, interested and focused.

·       The Principal and DRS are seen as positive role models who support, uphold and witness to the Catholic Character of the school. They are effective leaders and are people of integrity and are honest and open with all staff. They work well as a team and collaborate to ensure teachers are being developed in Religious Education and Catholic Special Character.

·       Staff engage in a regular, planned programme of Catholic Character professional learning and development, and new staff are being included in this plan.

·       The RE curriculum is integrated into other curriculum areas under a single Inquiry theme, which helps to make learning relevant, authentic and contextual.

Christian Witness – Te Whakaaktu Karaitiana

·       The culture of the school is characterised by warm relationships at all levels, friendly communications, active listening, and a sense that all are treated with respect.

·       Parents describe a strength of the school as a faith community where the actions of people, modelled particularly by the leaders, reflect Gospel values.

·       There are positive links between the school and parish.

·       The school is working to grow in its understanding of Māori spirituality and it incorporates tikanga Māori, te reo Māori, and karakia into the daily life of the school.

·       St Anthony’s School has a well-developed Pastoral Care policy that reflects Catholic Character. The Board has a pastoral approach to staff wellbeing.

·       Taking faith out into the community is encouraged and supported by the school.

Safeguarding and Strengthening Catholic Character - Te Kaitiakitanga me te Whakapakari i te Tuakiri Katorika

·       The development of a Staff Code of Conduct, developed last year by the Board, has been a powerful tool in establishing a concrete way of safeguarding and strengthening the school’s Catholic Character. This initiative and its process have been instrumental in the transformation of the school culture. The outgoing Board Chair and Principal are to be commended for their leadership in this area.

·       The Board of Trustees ensures that the vision and strategic direction for the school clearly and explicitly reflect the Catholic Character of the school.